Build­ing Rela­tion­ships for Suc­cess in Sales

No one ques­tions that mak­ing friends is a good thing. In this one-​day work­shop, you are going to dis­cover that the busi­ness of busi­ness is mak­ing friends, and the busi­ness of all sales pro­fes­sion­als is mak­ing friends and build­ing relationships.

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Cre­at­ing and Man­ag­ing Your Cor­po­rate Brand

Your brand is the vehi­cle that pro­pels your prod­uct or ser­vice into your customer’s lives, and into their hearts. A good brand is much more than an attrac­tive image com­bined with some witty type.

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An Intro­duc­tion to Cus­tomer Rela­tion­ship Man­age­ment

As with many sig­nif­i­cant under­tak­ings, under­go­ing a CRM review (even sim­ply con­sid­er­ing its imple­men­ta­tion) requires learn­ers to ana­lyze tech­ni­cal and com­pli­cated systems.

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